Love Them Through Leadership.

All of us dream of owning the perfect dog. A companion that that we can take anywhere and one we can rely on to make us proud. We dream of being so in tune with our dogs that they can practically read our minds.

We soon learn that getting that dream dog does not happen through simply loving our dog. And rather than reading your mind your dog doesn’t understand anything you ask of him.  You are frustrated, embarrassed and very tired!

That’s where Starfire Training comes in, we are here to assist you in getting the very best out of your relationship with your dog. Dogs require structure, rules and most important someone who will lead them. Without clear leadership and structure, owners & dogs can not communicate and the result is behavior problems. We teach you how your behavior influences your dog. We will show you how to change your dog’s behavior so he makes good decisions. With the proper structure in place your fearful dog will walk confidently beside you. With the proper rules your over-the-top wild dog will control his excitement to properly greet people and dogs. We provide a detailed look at what makes a functional and relaxed home environment for the entire family including your dog.

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